Rocket League fans may remember that Once Upon A Time, Psyonix introduced Snow Day as a holiday mode, replacing the ball with a great big puck and freezing the surface of DFH Stadium to add Rocket Cars Playing Hockey to the already sublime Rocket Cars Playing Soccer motif.

Then they tried to take it away.

The community quickly coalesced and collectively convinced the devs to bring the mode back for good. And all was right with the world.

Well… not exactly. The Snow Day Community that organized to save the mode still exists as the Rocket Hockey League.

Our long-term goal was to see the implementation of a ranked mode for Snow Day (and by inclusion, the other non-standard modes of play). With this goal achieved, we now turn inward to focus on improving the RHL to be both a better competitive league and a better host of the Snow Day Community.

We hold periodic Snow Day Community (SDC) events, tournaments, and competitive seasons.

The RHL is an all-volunteer organization. Some folks contribute their precious time helping us run these various events, and we could not continue to do so without them.

To participate in the community, join the league, or find other Snow Day players to party up with, please join the RHL Discord. To financially contribute to the organization, please consider becoming a Patron or you can donate via Paypal.