Month: April 2016

RHL Preseason Week 6!

The Preseason is coming to an end. This is the 3rd week of the current 3 week block, so no new matches will be assigned. Teams are welcome to finish any unfinished matches from the Preseason as we gear up for Season 1.

Over the next week or two we will be talking one on one to captains about registration, rules, and procedures for Season 1. Captains are encouraged to let us know in advance when they would like to meet and discuss these things (expect 15-30 minutes). Otherwise we will get to everyone at our pace.

Thanks again to everyone for helping make such a great league, and a special thanks to all the teams that made it through the preseason. We have a lot of impressive competition and we couldn’t be happier about it. We will be announcing Season 1 details soon. Have a great week!

RHL Preseason Week 5!

We are nearing the end of the preseason. Rounds 10-13 are a go. Teams are encouraged to complete their Week 4 matches as well over the next 2 game weeks. Upcoming rounds are indicated on the Challonge:

We have added another team to the brackets. EBC (temporary name) is being captained by Epik Bonzo. Since teams are added to the brackets retroactively, it should be mentioned that Week 4 matches against EBC are not required to be made up.

Thanks to all the RHL players and everyone in the community for their support and participation. Have a great week!

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RHL Preseason Week 4!

Week 4 is here. Time for Rounds 7-9. Only Rounds 7-9, please do not schedule any matches from previous weeks. Upcoming rounds are indicated on the Challonge:

We have adjusted the seasonal structure. There will be 3 week blocks. For weeks 1 and 2, teams will be given 3 matches each week to schedule. The 3rd week of each 3 week block will have no new matches assigned. Teams may use this as break week, or matches may be scheduled then. The amount of matches every 3 weeks will be the same as before (6). This change is intended to increase scheduling flexibility.

Currently, team size seems to be the largest indicator of scheduling difficulty. So, we have increased the team size limit to 8 (used to be 6).

Thanks again to all the RHL players for helping make this great league happen! Enjoy your week!

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RHL Preseason Week 3!

Preseason Week 3 is here. Time for Rounds 5 and 6.

Any matches against the Free Agent Team this season will now be considered a bye match. We will be looking to run a combine-type event for the free agents in the near future.

We will have a Captains Meeting from 4:00-5:30 pm PST, Saturday (4/2) and Tuesday (4/5). Captains and Assistant Captains are welcome to join us on Discord to talk about upcoming and current rules. The timeframe is to allow people to join when they can. The Saturday and Tuesday meetings are intended to cover the same material.

Have a great week!

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