Month: July 2016

RHL Season 1 Begins 8/9/2016 & Sign Ups Close 8/2/2016

Register as a Team or a Free Agent on our website at!

3 Requirements:

● Must make a user account on the RHL website. Making an account enables you to join the League, edit your player and team profiles, and comment and chat with other players. It is required for anyone playing in the RHL.

Register Your RHL Account

● Must sign up either as a Team or a Free Agent. You can sign up as a team or as an individual. It is recommended that the team captain sign up for the team.

Team Sign Up Form & Free Agent Sign Up Form

● Must join our Discord server. RHL Discord Server:

That’s it!

Check out the RHL Season 1 Current Player Roster

Season 1 Overview:

● The RHL Season will play a series of “progressive group stages”. Every 3 weeks, teams will be assigned a group to play a round robin with (where each team has a match with every other team in their group). The results of the round robin will determine how teams are grouped for the next round robin stage. Teams performing well will be invited to the playoffs at the end of the season.

● Team captains will be responsible for scheduling their assigned matches during the season, and a match may be played anytime during the first 2 weeks of each stage, as long as both teams agree. The 3rd week of each stage will be reserved for tiebreaker matches and other matches needing administrative direction.

● Team sizes will be 4-­8 players, with PC and PS4 players allowed to compete.

● The playoffs will start with a total prize pool of $500. The pot split will be 40% ($200) for 1st place, 20% for 2nd, and 10% for 3rd and 4th place, and 5% for 5th-­8th.

Check out the rules on our site for more detailed information about the structure of the League:

Thanks everyone! We are really excited for Season 1! We look forward to broadcasting our games on our channel