Month: December 2016

Stage 5 Is Extended Until January 11, 2017

Stage five is being extended until January 11th, 2017 and Stage four has been resolved. All teams previously marked as TBA (To Be Announced) are now placed in brackets for Stage five.

From Stage 4, two teams, @WANG and @No Capes!, will advance straight to the Playoffs for finishing in the top 2 for the final Gold Group of Season 1. The Stage 5 Qualifier Groups have been updated with the rest of the teams from Stage 4, check it out here or check your team page.

Stage 5 Extension Brackets
Stage 5 Extension Brackets

Thanks to all of the teams for participating! The next stage is the playoffs! Team Captains, please check your email for invites to your Challonge group, and your team pages on the website for your group assignment. (If you did not receive an email please contact @dankeykyle via discord private message.)

Be sure to upload your screenshots and replays to Challonge! For Silver/Qualifier Groups in Stage 5, matches will be a Best of 5 (Bo5) games. The top 2 teams in each Qualifier Group will be advancing to the playoffs! In each Qualifier Group, the Home Team will be the first team listed for all odd-numbered matches (left column), and the Home Team will be the second team listed for all even-numbered matches (right column).

For RHL Season 1 Stage 5, the Bronze Group has become the Bronze Bonus Gauntlet! Each match is a best of 3 games. Teams will receive points for each game won in their matches. While it is not necessary to complete every match, teams completing more matches will have an advantage in possible points. The 1st place team from this group will receive a surprise prize. For the Bronze Groups, home team is the first team listed in each match. Good luck and have fun!

Pinching the Puck in Snow Day Is Not an Exploit

This post is an Opinion piece by @redwood, a long-time Snow Day player and doesn’t necessarily represent the views and opinions of Rocket Hockey League.

Every so often, someone will publish a thread on the Rocket League subreddit asking Psyonix to fix an exploit in Snow Day that allows players to pinch the puck so it travels at fast speeds across the arena. Here’s a recent example.

We need to talk about this hockey mode exploit… from RocketLeague

For those who don’t know what pinching means, here’s a visual example. Notice how @redwood front-flips into the puck creating a pinch hit that travels 203 KPH past three defenders for a goal.

Because the puck has a flat surface, hitting the top of it can create a pinch it. This technique comes in handy for making quick passes on the wall or scoring from long distance. According to BeBenNova, who published the Reddit thread, too many people are learning how to pinch hit and are abusing the technique.

“This is probably gonna be downvoted or flat out ignored because of the low player base of the mode and I don’t even know what can be done to fix it but I hope it will end up being fixed somehow, it really cheapens the mode,” BeBenNova said.

First and foremost, pinch-hitting is not an exploit, it’s a skill. It’s one of the things that sets mediocre skilled players apart from the more advanced. Pinching has existed in Rocket League since its release. Here’s an example of a player pinching the ball on the side wall centering the ball for a team-mate who scores a goal.

Because the puck has a flat surface and the ceiling, walls, and floor are flat surfaces, there are more opportunities for these types of hits to occur in Snow Day. Here’s an example that shows one way to pinch hit the puck.

I have more than 2,000 hours invested in Snow Day and pinch hits are not guaranteed. I usually get them with a bit of luck and good timing. However, I have played against people who try to pinch the puck with every chance they get and are highly successful at doing so. While these players are annoying to play against, it doesn’t distract from the game. It reinforces having better positioning and trying to maintain closer defense, not allowing the opponent to have an open lane to pinch the puck.

Pinch hits are momentum changers and a well placed pinch can turn a game around in a hurry. They’re fun, unpredictable, and help to make Snow Day a unique game mode. Over time, more players will learn how to pinch hit the puck. The best way to defend them is to play close defense on your opponents. If open lanes disappear, the effectiveness of pinches is drastically reduced.

Snow Day isn’t broken and Psyonix shouldn’t alter the game mode’s physics in any way. To all Snow Day players, I encourage you to learn how to pinch and defend against them because they’re not going away. Pinch hits in Rocket League are not an exploit so please stop calling it one.

Sick Shot Off the Ceiling by Shoe Has More Than 2K Upvotes on Reddit

Check out this sick shot by @shoe, Immediately after kickoff, he rides up the wall and pulls of a sick ceiling shot. The GIF has more than 2K upvotes on the Rocket League subreddit. Keep the momentum going by upvoting it! The Rocket League subreddit is an excellent way to promote both the RHL community and Snow Day. If you have a sick shot to share, please join the Dank Vids and Gifs group on the site and post your links to Gfycat. Certain shots may end up being featured on the front page!

Snow Day Kickoff Goal From the Ceiling from RocketLeague