vVv Gaming & Rocket Hockey League present: 3rd Hockey Captain’s Draft Community Game Night on Tuesday, March 7th!


Come join in on the 3rd vVv Gaming and Rocket Hockey League community event on Tuesday, March 7th, the Hockey Captain's Draft! 

This event will be a Captain’s Draft style, double elimination 3v3 Snow Day event. Grab your Captain Daddy hats, bundle up, and equip your Mountaineer wheels so we can all head to the hockey rink! This tournament will follow the same rules and regulations as the regular vVv Gaming CGN: Draft events do, except that the default map will be DFH Snowy or Utopia Coliseum Snowy instead of DFH Stadium.

When: 5PM EST / 2PM PST / 23:00 CET | Check-in starts at 4:30PM EST / 1:30PM PST / 22:30 CET and closes at 4:45PM EST / 1:45PM PST / 22:45 CET
Where: vVv Discord Server (https://discord.gg/p44AjNf) Discord Guide: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/discord
Format: 3v3 - Double Elimination Tournament. Best of three (Bo3) in the winner's bracket and best of one (Bo1) in the loser's bracket until the last two matches which return to best of three.

Server Settings:
- Snow Day mutators (ball type puck, ball bounciness low).
NOTE: Options must be also be changed in the mutators sub­menu!
- Map is DFH Stadium Snowy (Utopia Coliseum Snowy can also be used if both teams agree)
- Default for all other game settings

Registration: Visit http://vVv-Gaming.com/Rocket-League/Register on the day of the tournament to register.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CREATE AN ACCOUNT ON THE SMASH.GG WEBSITE, link here. IT WILL BE REQUIRED TO BE IN THE TOURNAMENT.

While signing up you will be able to volunteer to be a captain. If there are more volunteer captains than the total number of teams, the captains will be picked at random from the pool of volunteers. If there are not enough volunteer captains, then the remaining number of captains needed will be chosen at random from the remainder of players. Captains will take turns picking their teammates in a “snake-style” (A, B, C, C, B, A) draft until all teams have 3 players each. Participating with friends is encouraged, however, there is no guarantee that you will be on the same team. The captain’s name will be entered into the Challonge bracket and will be used to represent their team. Voice channels will be created for each of the teams on our Discord server.

The event will last around 3-4 hours.

If you have any questions, please come to the RHL discord: https://discord.gg/0oKFkmRqFee981oM

:snowflake: :ice_skate: See you on the ice! :ice_skate: :snowflake:

Season Three Rewards, When Season Four May Start, and New Rank Tiers

In a post that's been a long time coming, Psyonix, the creators of Rocket League, published information on its blog today that shows off rewards for Season 3 and has details on when Season 4 may start. Season three's rewards are wheels for Prospect, Challenger, Rising Star, and Champion ranks with Grand Champions receiving the coveted Season 3 Grand Champion Title. The champion wheels have a similar tread pattern and lightning animation to the purple lightning wheels.


Purple Lightning wheels.


Wheels will be awarded based on the highest rank achieved in any of the competitive playlists. So if you reached Champion at any point during Season 3, you'll receive the Champion wheels and wheels from the lower ranks even if you stopped playing a competitive playlist for 30 days and your rank changed to unranked.

Season 4 Details

Season 4 will begin in early April but since it's tied to a major game update, the date is flexible, "Once Season 4 starts, we will be moving to a more regular Competitive Season schedule -- something we’ll go into detail on closer to the beginning of the next season," Devin Connors says.

Unlike Season 3, Season 4 will have a Soft Reset requiring players to go through a few qualifier matches to re-calibrate their rank. Speaking of ranks, Season 4 is changing the ranking system again and reintroducing tiers that will be familiar to Season one players.

Season 4 Ranks and Tiers
Season 4 Ranks and Tiers

Psyonix developers have been busy fielding questions related to the news on the Rocket League subreddit and have shared additional details. According to Psyonix_Corey, Divisions between tiers will remain but there will be less than 5 because the skill ranges in each are narrower. He later clarifies that each Tier will have four divisions. Not all users are happy with the change in tiers, "Am I the only one slightly disappointed that we are going back to generic tier names? I actually preferred the unique Rocket league ones," Reddit user Chillingo said.

"I hear ya, but we really felt we needed to expand the number of skill tiers and didn't feel good about asking people to remember even more 'unique' names. I'll personally miss the flavor as well, but we felt it was the better call with the move to more tiers" Psyonix_Corey responded. As for the Grand Champion emblem being different from all others, Psyonix_Devin says it's meant to be different and represents the top of the mountain.

Psyonix developers say more information about Season 4, new content, and the ranking system, will be published as the release date draws near.

Welcome to Stage 2!

Stage 2 is upon us. Thanks to all the teams participating!

Groups are live for Stage 2, which will run until 9/27. Please aim to complete most of your matches by 9/20.

Team Captains, check your email for invites to your Challonge group, and your team pages on the website for your group assignment. Be sure to upload your screenshots and replays to Challonge!

For Stage 2, Gold Groups have 5 teams each, and Silver Groups have 4 teams each. The top 3 teams in each Gold Group will remain in the Gold Groups for Stage 3. The top 2 teams in each Silver Group will remain in the Silver Groups for Stage 3. We are also welcoming 3 new teams into the Silver Groups.

The Home and Away team rules are more complicated than ever before! Please take note of the following:
-In Gold Groups, Home and Away team rules are normal for all odd numbered matches on the Challonge group page (left column), where the first team listed is the Home Team for that match. For all even numbered matches (right column), the rules are reversed, where the second team listed is the Home Team for that match.
-In Silver Groups, the Home and Away team rules are the same as they were in Stage 1. In matches 1-5, the rules are standard, and match 6 of each group has the rules reversed, where the second team listed is the Home Team.

We have extended the grace period for roster changes for the entirety of Stage 2. Free agents and teams, please keep us informed of your roster updates.

Good luck!

RUMBLE UPDATE from Psyonix!

Rumble-LogoAfter several weeks of build-up, we’re pleased to announce that the highly-anticipated Rocket League Rumble update will be hitting next Thursday, September 8!

We’ve already detailed how the new Rumble mode works in a previous post, along with revealing a number of other cool goodies like updates to classic Rocket Trails, more Painted Item drops, custom team names and colors for Private Matches, new Urban Central and DFH Stadium variants, the Octagon Rocket Labs arena, and PAX, Penny Arcade, Headlander, ScrewAttack, and Discord Garage items (whew) — but that’s only scratching the surface of what we have planned for next week’s huge update.

SteamOS and Mac Beta Versions

Yes, it’s really happening! After several delays (and our sincerest apologies about that, btw), the SteamOS and Mac versions of the game will finally be available for download. An important thing to note, however, is that both versions are still considered “beta,” with a handful of known issues that we’ve detailed below. It should also be said that while other Linux platforms may work, the SteamOS version of the game is the only Linux client that we’re “officially” supporting during the beta period. Likewise, the Mac version may or may not work on older systems with an integrated video solution, but a dedicated GPU is highly recommended (Macs from 2013 and after should be okay).

We will continue to make improvements to these versions of Rocket League in future updates, and we thank you for your patience in waiting for it. And now, the SteamOS/ Mac “known issues” list:

  • The correct store page for DLC purchased through the Showroom doesn’t show up for Big Picture users. This is a Steam client-specific issue that Valve will be fixing in an upcoming patch
  • There are occasional crashes when exiting from a match to the main menu
  • The statues in Urban Central do not display correctly
  • You may experience intermittent blurring issues
  • (Mac Only) Xbox 360 controllers won’t work. You will need a third-party driver solution to use them

Party Chat

One of the most popular community requests we’ve seen is the addition of a Party Chat option and with the Rumble update, you’ll finally get one. This new feature will be accessible both in-game and while navigating the menus, with all sent messages being delivered to party members whether they’re in a match or not.

Battle-Car Presets and Enhanced Team Customization

An even more popular community request (and perhaps the most requested community feature of all time) is the desire to have unique car loadouts. We’re happy to report that the oft-demanded “Car Presets” will indeed make their debut in the Rumble update. Offering up to 10 different slots to save your favorite configurations, the Car Preset option also allows you to save your vehicle customizations on a “per team” basis, with new “Equip to Blue” and “Equip to Orange” options!

As an added bonus, we’ve also expanded your primary color palette with additional shades for the Orange team and all-new green shades for the Blue team. We’ve even thrown in a “Randomize Preset” button to try out new builds!

Battle-Car Presets
Crates and Keys and Esports Too

As Rocket League’s competitive scene continues to grow, our support for its players need to grow with it. With that in mind, the Rumble patch will introduce an all-new “Crates and Keys” system that will help fund our upcoming esports events and prize pools.

The system itself is pretty straightforward, as random Crates will occasionally drop in addition to the normal post-game item rewards in Competitive matches. Players will then have the option to purchase Keys that will allow them to access the contents of the Crates, where they can find random, but exclusive, Garage items that are unique to the Crate they’ve chosen.

These Crate items (or their duplicates) can be kept or traded with other players after a mandatory trade-hold, and include everything from new “Import” Battle-Cars (i.e. new-look vehicles that have the same hit-boxes, physics, and turning radii as their original inspirations) to unique animated Decals, Exotic Wheels, and other cool Garage accessories.


You will always be able to view the possible contents of a crate prior to opening it and should you decide not to use a Key at all, you can always trade either the unopened Crates or Keys themselves to other players on both PlayStation 4 and Steam PC (please note: we have reached out to Microsoft about implementing key trading on Xbox One).

Keys can be purchased individually or in bundles and, as mentioned earlier, a portion of the proceeds will go towards funding future esports events and prize pools. Here is how the pricing will shake out in North America (but you can expect regional equivalents in other territories)

Keys will be available for $1.49 individually, or in bundles of 5 for $5, 10 for $10, or 20 for $20.

If the Crates and Keys system isn’t for you, then you can turn it off with a prompt the first time a Crate is dropped in-game or at any time via the Options menu. Should you decide to opt out, you will still receive random Crates when they occur, but you will not be notified, nor will they be displayed in your inventory unless you choose to turn the system back on.

Player-to-Player Trading

Finally, and as mentioned above, Player-to-Player trading will launch with the Rumble update as well! Though some restrictions apply (you won’t be able to trade premium DLC items, for example), you will have the ability to swap items with other players on your own platform. Multiple items can be traded in any combination you like — five hats for five wheels? Eight Antennas for one Boost? It’s entirely up to you!

Player Trading GIF

And that’s the Rocket League Rumble update! It’s a monster revision to be sure, and one that we hope will have a little something for everyone regardless of your play styles and preferences. Remember to let us know what you think on our official Twitter, Facebook, or Subreddit, and don’t forget to check back on September 8 to try it all out for yourself. See you then!"

from: http://www.rocketleaguegame.com/news/2016/09/rumble-update/


Rocket League's first international finals is here
         By Andrew Hayward

Just one year into its eventful life, Rocket League is staring down its first major live eSports event: The final weekend showdown of the Rocket League Championship Series. Three months of frantic online competition have led to this, with eight of the world's best teams ready to throw down in three-on-three, four-wheeled soccer showdowns.

In case it's not obvious, Rocket League isn't quite like any other eSports offering. It's cars playing soccer, first and foremost, but there's also no build-up: It's all action from start to finish as the vehicles zip around and soar through the air in the wild back-and-forth battles. It's totally chaotic, yet helped by the fact that a playground-level knowledge of soccer can get anyone caught up enough to savor the excitement.

Rocket League's competitive side is still young, but it's growing — and the Live Final is its best chance to date to show the world why this is an eSport worth following. Before a winner is crowned, we spoke with people inside the thriving community and around the RLCS about how the game has grown and what's ahead for its eSports future.

RL is unique within eSports © Psyonix Studios

Community service

Psyonix's game was an immediate sensation when it launched last July, thanks to strong word of mouth and free initial PlayStation 4 downloads via PlayStation Plus. With a large player base right out of the gate (and up to 19 million now), Rocket League's fans cultivated a dedicated community that started filling in the eSports blank before Psyonix made its own plans official.

Rocket League Central was an early driving force, as the community fan site founded by CloudFuel put on streaming leagues and tournaments. Kais "Sadjunior" Zehri recalls playing in early tournaments "where there was no prize money and it was for fun." Now he's a member of the top-seeded North American RLCS team, Kings of Urban, and will bring home a share of the $55,000 total prize pool up for grabs this weekend.

According to Kevin "Findable Carpet" Brown, one of the RLCS broadcasters, the fans helped build excitement and enthusiasm around competitive Rocket League before Psyonix was ready to show its hand. "The community was doing fantastic — Rocket League Central was kicking ass," he affirms, noting that one tournament pulled in upward of 12,000 viewers without advertising or official support.

Just a few minutes spent watching competitive Rocket League shows why it's such a draw. You don't need to know anything about the game itself to enjoy the action, and it's so rooted in a real-life sport that the competition needs no context. Tune in at any point in a match and you're likely to see plenty of high-flying antics, not to mention a startling level of precision from cars and trucks that can be flung through the air. There's rarely a dull moment, and the pro players are incredible.

Expect lots of off-the-wall play — literally © Psyonix Studios

"It bridges that gap between the more casual viewer who just enjoys competition and watching excitement, and the hardcore eSports viewers that really like seeing the mechanical side of things and high-level play," says Brown. "It bridges that gap really quickly. You look at League of Legends … you can't casually watch League of Legends, and Dota 2 even more so."

"For me, the most important thing about Rocket League is that it can have so many hype moments in a single series," asserts Remco "remkoe" de Boer, a member of top-seeded European RLCS team, Northern Gaming (formerly We Dem Girlz). "Some teams will absolutely play out of their mind, creating clutch plays, making insane goals or [mounting] incredible comebacks. Rocket League can literally have people on the edge of their seat in an important game."

Remkoe points to a game nine showdown between Crown & Jewels and FlipSid3 Tactics as the ultimate example of how intensely exciting Rocket League eSports can be. Not only did it come down to the final game of a best-of-nine series, but then a nearly buzzer-beating tie kicked the series into overtime, where unbelievable aerial teamwork from Crown & Jewels secured the victory. And this was for the fan-run RLC Pro League series that ended in March, before the RLCS started play, and it managed a $5,500 prize pool for the final.

Still, there was demand for a more official road ahead, which was something that only the game's creators could provide. "The future of Rocket League eSports was unclear for a very long time, and Psyonix wasn't openly talking about their plans," adds de Boer. "All top teams at the time knew we needed Psyonix to try and create an actual eSports scene by investing in it."

The teams competing at the live finals © Psyonix Studios

Going pro

In early March, Psyonix did just that by announcing the Rocket League Championship Series in partnership with Twitch, with plans to hold the first official tournament with a total prize pool of $75,000 along the way. Later in the month, Psyonix also said that it would fund the Electronic Sports League, Rocket League Central, and the American Video Game League with more than $30,000 in prize money and scholarships to support a wider community beyond pro-level play

Justin Dellario, senior program manager for Twitch Esports, says the company's RLCS partnership with Psyonix was designed to benefit all corners of the Rocket League competitive ecosystem and help grow it far and wide.

"We believe Rocket League has a promising future, so we entered a long-term partnership to create a sustainable ecosystem for Rocket League eSports," he affirms. "Some companies try to force-feed eSports without properly nurturing all the supporting elements, and that leads to top-heavy structures which stagnate and die from within. We're very grateful Psyonix had faith in our ability to work with them on something novel and exciting for Rocket League."

As Dellario explains, one aspect of building from within the community was finding potential talent to help convey both the excitement and minutia of Rocket League, by elevating fan broadcasters to RLCS gigs rather than bringing over established casters from other games.

Kevin Brown is one of those examples: he had broadcasted tournaments and matches via his own Pulsar Premier league, and became known in the community because of that. He had no previous experience with other eSports broadcasting, but his passion and knowledge came through and he was offered an on-camera job calling RLCS games. Brown recalls stepping onstage for the first time: "When I first saw that studio, I didn't know what to do with myself. I couldn't have been happier for Rocket League as a whole."

Across nine weekend showdowns, the top North American and European teams gave their all and delivered several fantastic series, ending with the wild online finals last month. Brown suggests the peak viewership was around 28,000 viewers during one broadcast, while Dellario says generally that "viewership has exceeded our already optimistic growth projections."

Dellario adds that the personal Rocket League streams of players and broadcasters alike are also on the rise — all of which benefits Twitch, of course. But it also benefits Rocket League and the community, and helps turn casual viewers into invested fans. Remkoe says he's seen a significant increase in discussion around the series and game, whether on Reddit, Twitch or elsewhere, and King of Urban's Jayson "Fireburner" Nunez claims the RLCS has "introduced us to a lot of new viewers that are just getting into the game and the pro scene."

Psyonix plans to keep supporting pro RL © Psyonix Studios

Building the future

It all culminates this weekend at the Avalon Hollywood, as the four best teams each from North America and Europe descend upon Los Angeles for the double-elimination championship across Saturday and Sunday. Tickets to the live event are sold out, and Brown says that a lot of the key community members who helped drive initial excitement in competitive Rocket League are flying out to see what all of that word of mouth ultimately led to.

He adds that the "raw excitement is going to be insane," and believes the event will be a major milestone for Rocket League eSports on the whole. "As things grow, you have steps that legitimize you to a wider audience," he says. "If we can put on a fantastic live event, I think that's going to be one more step of legitimacy for us."

And it's just the start for the Rocket League Championship Series. Psyonix has confirmed plans to introduce unlockable crates with cosmetic items to Rocket League, which will help raise money for future eSports events and prize pools, while Dellario says that several seasons of the RLCS are planned across multiple years.

Furthermore, Twitch and Psyonix will continue to develop and fund community-building endeavors to build the wider cause of Rocket League eSports. It's all part of a plan to offer "a clear path to professional play for all levels of player, an increase in the number of competitions available to all players, and an environment where players and content creators can make a sustainable living," claims Dellario.

And for the average viewer who simply wants to watch and see amazing players do amazing things, the Championship Series certainly aims to deliver on that front, too. "There's a massive Rocket League community, and most of them have yet to discover Rocket League eSports," he says. "It's a huge opportunity to evangelize competitive play to an interested audience."

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From: http://www.redbull.com/us/en/esports/stories/1331810143658/rocket-league-s-roadmap-to-esports-success