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RHL League Night November 18th

RHL League Night
RHL League Night

The RHL is proud to present League Night, November 18th, from 3-6PM Eastern. League night allows registered teams to play each other without worrying about scheduling. Team captains are encouraged to keep an eye on the #announcements channel on the RHL Discord server for more information.

League night is a great opportunity for Season 2 teams to catch up on points. Here is how the standings look two weeks into the season. Team iV is in the lead with 10 points with FP and GSS followed closely behind.

Season 2 Standings on November 16th
Season 2 Standings on November 16th

Tune-in to RHL on Twitch beginning at 3PM Eastern, November 18th, to watch the action.

UPDATED NOVEMBER 18th 3PM: Due to technical difficulties involving Discord, League Night has been delayed.

RHL Season 2 Kicks Off With League Night

RHL Season 2 begins Thursday, November 2nd with League Night. Registered teams are encouraged to join the RHL Discord server between 6 and 9PM Eastern. Teams will be registered, set up with a voice comm channel and assigned opponents. If you’re looking to join a team or recruit players, please join the #lft_rosters-and-recruits channel on the RHL Discord server. Pre-registration for Season 2 ends later today.

RHL Season 2 League Night
RHL Season 2 League Night

FireWall Wins RHL Season One, Season Two Registration is Now Open

Team FireWall successfully defeated NoCapes! in a match that featured NoCapes! triggering a bracket reset in the grand finals. Team WANG ended the season in third place.

To watch the grand finals in its entirety, check out the following videos:

Watch live video from RocketHockeyLeague on www.twitch.tv

RHL Season Two

With Season One in the books, it’s time to focus on Season Two. As the commissioners prepare to launch RHL Season Two, they have slightly revamped the RHL Official Rules to incorporate new changes.

Season Two will consist of both Single-Day Events and Competitive League Play. Single-Day events will be held periodically and are open to any team configuration.

To register your team for Season Two, please fill out and submit the registration form. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding Season Two, please ask them in the #Suggestions-and-questions channel under the RHL category on the RHL Discord server.