Thanks to all the teams who are participating. Groups are live for stage five. The qualifiers will run until 12/28. This is the final group stage before the playoffs!

Team Captains, check your email for invites to your Challonge group, and your team pages on the website for your group assignment. Be sure to upload your screenshots and replays to Challonge!

As there are still several matches to be resolved from the Stage 4 Gold Groups and a couple of the Silver Groups, Stage 5 will be launching with incomplete groups. As teams finish and we resolve Stage 4, teams will be added to each group in Stage 5. We will be notifying each group as teams from Stage 4 advance and new matches become available for Stage 5. Each team starting Stage 5 currently has at least half of their matches available, so get to scheduling!

For Silver/Qualifier Groups in Stage 5, matches will be a Best of 5 (Bo5) games. The top 2 teams in each Qualifier Group will be advancing to the playoffs! In each Qualifier Group, Home Team will be the first team listed for all odd numbered matches (left column), and Home Team will be the second team listed for all even numbered matches (right column).

For RHL Season 1 Stage 5, the Bronze Group has become the Bronze Bonus Gauntlet! Each match is a best of 3 games. Teams will receive points for each game won in their matches. While it is not necessary to complete every match, teams completing more matches will have an advantage in possible points. The 1st place team from this group will receive a surprise prize. For the Bronze Groups, home team is the first team listed in each match. Good luck and have fun!