Team Badwubs Wins Second vVv Captains Hockey Draft

vVv Gaming held its second Hockey Captains Draft yesterday and Team Badwubs won it in convincing fashion. Team Badwubs consisted of @badwubs, @kryptmotron, and realabruzzi with Badwubs as team captain. The team plowed their way through the winners bracket to make it to the grand final.

Second Hockey Captains Draft Bracket
Second Hockey Captains Draft Bracket

Team Nostradominus made up of @nostraldominus, mystic_man95, DoctorbooomSVK with Nostradominus as team captain, gave Team Badwubs a run for their money. The two teams met in the winners final with Badwubs pulling off the victory. After winning the losers bracket, Nostradominus faced Badwubs in the grand final where Badwubs clinched the title going undefeated.

Special thanks to the fine folks at vVv gaming for organizing this event. Although was tough to figure out at first, after a few matches, it made things a lot easier with little involvement necessary from an admin. To watch the event in its entirety, check out the following video that’s four hours in length.

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