The Winter Classic to Benefit Shalthis

A few days ago, Shalthis (Stephen Perry) joined the RHL Discord server and received a warm welcome from our community.

Shalthis on the RHL Discord Server
Shalthis on the RHL Discord Server

According to Rocket League Subreddit user CloudFuel, “Shalthis was one of the very first casters to come into Rocket League, was one of the original community Power Rankers, was one of the first casters to join Rocket League Central (casting several hype early events like the Gfinity Invitational, the first iteration of Rocket Royale, and the RLC Pro League), coordinated/casted the first Rocket League charity event: The Winter Classic, worked with several orgs/groups in the community to help build the esports scene, designed gfx for a some community members, and was just an overall joy to have in the community.”

In April of 2016 while on a trip in Arizona, Shalthis suffered a massive stroke at the age of 35. Since then, he’s been in the hospital recovering and slowly making progress with speech and physical therapy. His wife has set up a GoFundme campaign to help generate the funds necessary to bring him home, “Because of Steve’s current condition, he requires medical transport in order to come back home,” She said.

“I have contacted several places and the cost of travel to bring Steve back home via air ambulance is roughly $25,000. This cost covers the use of a pilot and medical staff to monitor Steve in addition to the use of the medical equipment during the flight and the use of the plane itself, including the cost of the jet fuel required for the trip. Steve would need to take an ambulance to and from the airport, and this cost is included in the above figure. Unfortunately, the insurance company will not cover the cost of the trip, which puts the burden of the cost to bring him back home solely on me.

Due to insurance reasons, I am unable to move Steve until the beginning of 2017 and I would like to have him transferred as soon as I can arrange everything. This move will require quite a bit of communication and paperwork to get everything set up, but I am hoping I can arrange it by mid to late January.”

RLXL Winter Classic to Benefit Shalthis

Rocket League XL is a charity organization started by members of the community to collaboratively host charity events for the Rocket League scene. During its first event, the organization raised $10,000 for Extra Life.

Shalthis organized and casted the first Rocket League charity event named: The Winter Classic. He is unable to cast this event so the team is continuing the tradition in his honor this Saturday where all proceeds will be donated to his GoFundme campaign. Details for the event are listed below.

We highly encourage you to tune in and watch the event and if you can, please donate to help Shalthis get home.