This weekend marks the last set of games for RHL Season 5 league play. The last place team in the Challengers Division will be excluded from the playoffs. Between all three divisions, there are two teams who remain undefeated, Vanilla Almond Milk in the Champions Division, and OWO What’s This? in the Contenders division. The Challengers Division race is interesting as there is a slim possibility of a two or three way tie for first place. With A Pinch Of Salt’s unfortunate withdrawal from competition Shadow Fox sits alone facing elimination, but a pair of wins and some help could see them through to the Playoffs after all.

Challengers Division

RankParticipantPlayedRemaining Match W-L-T
1 Crossbar Stickers 917 – 2 – 0
2 Dumb Pucks 916 – 3 – 0
3 TOBO Hunks On Ice 825 – 3 – 0
4 Lethal 825 – 3 – 0
5 Shadow Fox 823 – 5 – 0
6 A Pinch Of Salt 1000 – 10 – 0

If you’re curious into how teams have performed on the ice so far this season, check out the image below which contains each team’s average stats. These do not include the final games of the season.

Season 5 Average Team Stats
Season 5 Average Team Stats

Due to server disruptions during the weekend of Feb 1st, everything has been pushed back a week. The season five playoffs are now expected to begin on Saturday, February 29th at 2PM Eastern. Round two of the playoffs will be on Saturday, March 7th, while the Grand Finals takes place March 14-15th all beginning at 2PM Eastern. If you missed last week’s action, you can watch the stream below. We also encourage you to check out RHL Rewind onYouTube. RHL Rewind provides all the information you need to keep up with what’s happening on a weekly basis.

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Be sure to tune into Rocket Hockey League on Twitch this Saturday at 2PM Eastern to watch teams in the Champions Division battle it out. Also, join us on Discord to receive the latest updates with the league.