Competitive League Play

RHL Competitive League-Play:

All regular RHL League conduct rules apply to anyone wishing to participate. Those guidelines, and any of the rules set forth herein, are subject to change by RHL Commissioners and their designated representatives at any time.

This document outlines the format for Competitive League Play within the RHL.

Throughout this document, the term ENTRANT is used to identify groups of (3) three to (5) five players competing together. Commonly these “Entrants” may be more familiar as “Teams.” Given that what are frequently referred to as “Teams” will now have the option of multiple “Entrants” the term “Team” has been avoided to reduce confusion.

RHL Competitive League-Play Bullet Points:

This is a brief outline of the Rules for RHL Competitive Season League Play.

  • Three Periods of play, each ~ 4 weeks long.
  • ~ 2 week Intermission between Periods for roster moves.
  • Parent Orgs may enter as many 3-5 player Entrants as they desire.
  • An Entrant must register with at least 3 players upon.
  • May add 1-2 more players to a maximum of 5 during initial registration, or at any time during the season.
  • Players who have been registered on any Entrant’s roster are ineligible to play for or register with any other Entrant during that Period of Play.
  • Entrants may choose to play whomever they wish, but must abide a 72-hour cooldown before re-matching.
  • Entrants may also participate in RHL LEAGUE NIGHTS where they will be randomly assigned an opponent from the pool of other participating Entrants and can compete and earn League Points this way as well.
  • 72-Hour Cooldown is waived for any matches played during League Match Night.
  • After each Period is a ~ 2 week Intermission, during which Entrants may alter their rosters however at least (2) players must be retained between periods. If Entrant Captain leaves or steps down a new player must be designated as Entrant Captain.
  • Once a period begins, rosters are locked.
  • Period 1 of every season begins with all Entrants in the Opening Tier.
  • Periods 2 and 3 will feature additional TIERS, which will be determined by points earned in the prior period.
  • Defeating an Entrant in the same TIER is always worth (1) one League Point.
  • Defeating higher Tier teams earns slightly more, defeating lower Tier teams slightly fewer.
  • Entrants may drop out, or form and join, at any point up until the Final Roster Locks ~ last 2 weeks of Period 3.
  • All Entrants that officially register according to rules and are active at the end of Period Three will earn a seed in the Seasonal League-Play Championship Tournament.
  • Entrants who had to drop out, or that join late, can compete in the Play-In Tournament for a possible WILD CARD slot in the Championship Tournament
  • The end of season Championship Tournament will determine the
  • League-Play Season Champions.

Entrants and Rosters

RHL League-Play seasons shall consist of (3) three Periods, each approximately (4) four weeks in length. Between Periods there shall be an Intermission of approximately (2) two weeks for roster adjustments, etc.

Each Season will last approximately (4) months, and there will be approximately (3) Seasons per Calendar Year.

“Parent Organizations” may enter as many participant “Entrants” (teams) as desired.

Captains must Register their Entrants  prior to playing a match.

In order to be eligible for play, Entrants must be registered with a minimum of (3) players. A maximum of (5) players are allowed per Entrant, and at any point Entrants may add players to their squad up to the maximum of (5) players, as long as any additions have not been registered for another Entrant in the same Period of play.

Rosters are locked during each RHL period. In the event a personal emergency or some other issue results in a member becoming unavailable, that player may be replaced with any player who has not been registered as a member of another Entrant in that same Period of play. Entrants are free to retain any unavailable player on their roster and simply compete with the remaining members temporarily if they choose.

If a player is replaced, they may rejoin with their initially registered Entrant once any issues are resolved, and the player who filled-in would then be removed, if returning the original player would result in an Entrant having more than the maximum allowable (5) members. This fill-in player would no longer be eligible to join ANY Entrant (existing or newly created) until the next Intermission or Off-season.

Players may not play on multiple accounts for any purpose. The account registered upon joining is the only account a player may use. Violations of this rule will result in bans.

Entrants may form and disband at will, however new Entrants that wish to compete must register before the Final Roster Lock in Period Three, and all players registering on a new Entrant must not have been registered with any other Entrant at any point during the Period of entry.

Entrants must retain at least (2) two registered members from the previous period into the next, and rosters will be locked (2) weeks before the end of Period 3.

Matches and Scoring

Over the course of (3) three RHL League-Play Periods, Entrants will be sorted into TIERS based upon LEAGUE POINTS accumulated over the course of the period.

Entrants can schedule and play matches against any and every other Entrant, as frequently as they desire and are capable, with the exception that no two Entrants may face each other in a League-Play match more than once within 72 hours from the time of the dropping of the first puck in the match.

These type matches will not generally have the presence of an RHL Official, so Captains must save screenshots of the final scoreboard/replay files of the games in the match, which must then be uploaded to a dedicated channel in the RHL Discord exclusively for such purpose: #league-play-match-results.

If your replay is not uploaded, your match and accumulated stats will not be registered.

Entrants are allowed flexibility to play when they can, HOWEVER, Once per week the league will hold RHL League Nights. We’ll be streaming these on the RHL Twitch with full commentators and graphics.

Not all matches will be streamed due to volume of anticipated matches, but an effort will be made to ensure as many Entrants as possible get a chance to shine on the big stage.

On RHL League Nights, Entrants will register in the RHL Discord to be assigned a voice room. We’ll then scramble all the Entrants up and face off head-to-head. Entrants can stay for as many matches as they like, and we’ll keep scrambling and streaming for at least (3) three hours. Officials will be on hand and be responsible for screenshot and replay collection for League Night contests.

*NOTE that the 72-Hour cool down for rematches will be waived during RHL League Night.

Matches played simply will not observe nor count towards any 72-Hour cooldown.

Entrants can stay and play after that too if they desire by just grabbing an opponent and hitting the ice of course, but remember the result submission guidelines, and that the 72-Hour cooldown rules are back in effect once League Night is officially concluded.

League night times and dates may be rotated to attempt to accommodate as many geographical regions as possible, and will be announced at least (1) one week in advance.

Offering flexible “anytime” scheduling and designated League Nights allows Entrants to customize their experience and be extremely hands-on in scheduling and matchmaking, or more laissez-faire and allow the League Night scrambler to determine their opponents.

Match Protocol

  • Before the match, captains will communicate to establish team colors, server locations, and server name/password.
  • Challenging team chooses their desired color and server location for Game 1, Game 3,  and Game 5 (if needed) (every odd numbered game).
  • Accepting team chooses their desired color (stay/switch) and server location for Game 2 and Game 4 (if needed) (every even numbered game).
  • Challenging team creates the server and starts matches using standard server info — the two teams acronyms combined, with home team first, for both server name and password. (Example TOBO challenges FINE and therefore sets-up the match, with server name TOBOFINE and password TOBOFINE.)

Server Settings

  • Snow day mutators (ball type puck, ball bounciness low). NOTE: Options must be changed in the mutators sub­menu. Changing the “game type” on
  • The server selection screen may not apply all of the snow day mutators.
  • Unless another standard map is agreed upon by both teams, the default snow day map (DFH Stadium Snowy) will be used.
  • Non­standard maps are not currently allowed.
  • 3 v 3
  • Server/password, no party servers.
  • Default for all other game settings.
  • Before joining a side at the start of a game, players must wait until everyone involved in the match has joined the server.
  • At the end of a match, Captains must post screenshots and replays to the designated Discord channel on the RHL Discord: #league-play-match-results.
  • Only screenshots and replays are to be posted to this channel.
  • Replays and end game screenshots of the scoreboard are required to be submitted or your match will not count for Points, and your stats will not be accumulated for end-of-season glory!

Match Rules

  • Teams may come to any other agreement about server hosting, except for playing in a region neither team has players in, unless it is a neutral intermediate server (for example USW and EU playing on USE so both are only one region removed).
  • Only 3 (three) players per team are allowed on the server at any time. Coaching while using a spectator slot is not allowed.

For additional details see the Revised Rules.

At the beginning of Period One of each RHL League-Play Season, all Entrants will begin in the Opening Tier.

League Points are awarded whenever an Entrant wins a sanctioned RHL League-Play match. A match is considered “sanctioned” if it occurs during League Match Night (RHL Officials will capture screenshots and save replays) or at any other time (providing the 72-hour cooldown is not violated) when Entrants compete in a Best-of-Five match, and a screenshot/replays of each game in the match is submitted.

Defeating an opponent who is in your same TIER is always worth (1) League-Play Victory Point (League Point, or Point for short).

For Period One, all wins are worth (1) One Point, since everyone starts in the same TIER. In Periods Two and Three, Entrants may play other Entrants from different TIERS. The important thing to remember is that WINS vs HIGHER TIERS are worth slightly more while WINS vs LOWER TIERS earn slightly fewer points.

Wins vs Entrants in your same TIER are ALWAYS worth (1) Point.

At the end of Period One, the League Points earned by each Entrant will be totalled. Entrants that fail to schedule or play any sanctioned League-Play matches will be removed from the League-Play lineup (but are still eligible to potentially participate in the Season-Championship Tournament, details below).

Intermission and Period Two

After Periods One and Two, an approximately  (2) two week intermission will occur, during which Entrants may make roster changes. At least (2) two players registered with an Entrant must remain for the next period. If an Entrant’s Captain leaves or steps down a new Entrant Captain must be named by notifying a League Representative.

At the end of the Intermission, Period Two will begin by dividing all eligible Period One Opening Tier Entrants (those who were not removed for inactivity or other reasons) into (2) two groups based upon League Points earned in Period One.

The top group (those with the highest earned League-Play points) will become Tier A in Period Two, rounding any fractions down. The remaining Entrants become Tier B for Period Two.

(Example 27 Entrants finish Period One and are advanced to Period Two. The top group (Tier A) would be 13 Entrants, and the bottom (Tier B) 14.)

Any Entrants that have been created since the end of Period One, as well as any Entrants created from this point forward until the cut-off for new Entrants in Period Three, will be added to the lowest Tier.

Again, Entrants will schedule as they desire and are able, with the same 72-hour cooldown in effect. League Match Nights will continue and the 72-hour waiver on League Night will remain in effect.

League Points earned, however, will be awarded based upon the Tier of each Entrant.

Entrants playing other Entrants in their same Tier ALWAYS earn 1 (ONE) League-Play point per sanctioned match victory.

Entrants playing “down” a Tier (Tier A beats Tier B) earn ½ (one-half) League-Play point for a match win, while playing “up” (Tier B beats Tier A) earns 1 and ½ (1.5 or one and one-half) League Play points.

TIER A 1 1.5
TIER B .5 1

At the end of Period Two, the total League-Play points each Entrant earned THIS PERIOD are again totalled (NOTE that points earned in Period One are NOT entered into the total at this time).

Again, inactive Entrants will be removed (but remain eligible for the End of Season Championship event, see below).

Period Three and Playoffs

Once inactive or disbanded Entrants are removed, each Tier will be divided again based upon League Play Points earned during the Period.

The top 2/3 of the Entrants from Tier A will remain in Tier A for period Three (if this results in a number indivisible evenly by 3, round down – for example if 13 Entrants finish Period 2 Tier A with League-Play points, the top 8 of these would remain Tier A, the remaining 5 would join Tier B).

For the Period Two Tier B Entrants, the top 1/3 of points earners (again rounding down) will remain Tier B for Period 3, the lower 2/3 (any Entrants remaining) will form the new Tier C.

Again, Entrants will schedule as they desire and are able, with the same 72-hour cooldown in effect. League Nights will continue as will League Night cooldown waivers.

Scoring for Period 3 is similar to previous periods:

Entrants ALWAYS earn 1 (ONE) League-Play point for defeating an Entrant that is in their same Tier.

Point values for wins against Entrants in other Tiers varies by .25 (one-quarter) LP Point per Tier level difference.

TIER A 1 1.25 1.5
TIER B .75 1 1.25
TIER C .5 .75 1

Since there is no penalty for losing a match, Entrants are not incentivized to avoid playing or “duck” lower Tier Entrants.

(2) Two weeks prior to the end of Period Three will be the Cut-off date for new Entrants to join a TIER (Tier C, as new entrants always join the lowest Tier) and compete in the Seasonal League Play. Rosters will also be locked through the Championship Tournament at this time.

Entrants forming after this date, as well as any other Entrants previously removed may elect to join the Play-In tournament and take part in the League-Play Seasonal Championship Tournament, as outlined below.

At the end of this period of matches, Period Three, and indeed the League-Play Regular Season will come to a close, and all eligible Entrants will be seeded for the League-Play Seasonal Championship Tournament.

League-Play Seasonal Championship Tournament

To Honor and Recognize their achievement, defending champions from the immediately preceding RHL Season will be granted an automatic Wild Card seed in the Championship Tournament, Should they Desire, and only if they DID NOT compete during the current Season, otherwise they will be seeded according to the match and tier results as any other team. This Champions Seed will only be filled if all requirements are met, otherwise it will remain empty. If utilized, the Champions Seed will reduce the number of remaining Wild Card slots by (1) one.

To be eligible for the auto-seed, Defending Champion Entrants must draw from the same roster as was registered during their prior championship run. (Not all prior players must be present, but at least (2) two players from the Championship roster are required to compete.)

All eligible Entrants will be seeded in order of their finish by totaling ALL League-Play points earned (over all three periods), regardless of their final Tier, with the Entrant earning the most points granted the #1 seed.

This means that Entrants from lower tiers may earn a higher seed than Entrants from higher Tiers, if they accumulate more points over the course of the three Periods of Play.

Any ties will be broken using the following cascade:

  1. Head-to-Head record;
  2. Tier Winning %;
  3. Overall win %;
  4. Coin flip.

Once all the Entrants that completed Period Three of the League-Play Season are seeded, an additional 4 (four) to 7 (seven) Wild Card slots will be added from the pool of Entrants that were either removed from play for inactivity, or who may have formed or joined the RHL during the season.

*If there are no such Entrants seeking a spot, this step will be skipped.*

If there are Entrants wishing to obtain a Wild Card spot in the League-Play Seasonal Championship Tournament, these Entrants will compete in a One-day Play-In Tournament, which will be held approximately one week prior to the League-Play Seasonal Championship Tournament.

The results of this Play-In Tournament will be used to fill as many eligible seeds are required to complete the League-Play Seasonal Championship Tournament field, by adding however many additional Wild Cards are needed to bring the total Entrant count to a number divisible evenly by 4, and then adding 4 more if necessary, for a minimum of 4 (four) and a maximum of 7 (seven) Wild card opportunities.

(Example: If there were 15 Entrants that finished the season eligible for the League-Play Seasonal Championship Tournament, add (1) one to get to (16) sixteen, then add (4) four for (20) total Entrants, including (5) five Wild Cards.)

The Entrant that wins the League-Play Seasonal Championship Tournament will earn the crown, the title of Season 2 (etc.) RHL League-Play Champions, and first place in any prize pool.