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  • Teams will play in a single open ladder/group stage, containing every team participating in the Off-Season.
  • Team captains/assistant captains will schedule their matches as they wish with other team’s captains/assistant captains.
  • Teams are not required to matchup against any specific team and they may decline any match. Teams are encouraged to match and rematch with any teams they choose throughout the Off-Season.
  • Each match awards 1 point to the winner, and teams are welcome to play a match length of their choosing (best of 3, best of 5, etc.). Rematches between two specific teams, must be at least 3 days after their previous match, for the winner to be awarded a point. RHL Officials will be checking the Challonge bracket page to ensure that the cool down rule is being followed.
  • Standings for the Off-Season will be based on each team’s points from match wins. Tiebreakers will be resolved using match win percentage.


  • Players must register an account on the RHL website, join the RHL discord, and fill out the Off-Season Team Signup form in order to play.
  • The captain must include a steam profile link (PC) or a PSN ID (PS4) for each player registered to their team when filling out the Off-Season Team Signup form. Even if you have registered a team previously, you need to fill out the new form.
  • Teams are allowed to join at any time during the Off-Season and may begin play as soon as they are added to the bracket. Players are allowed to join an existing team at any time.
  • Team names, player names, and logos must be original. If you feel your team name or player name is already well established, and another team in the league has a conflicting name, you may contact the Commissioners to have them assess the situation and resolve it positively for those involved.
  • For the start of the Off-Season, teams will be added regularly to the Challonge bracket shortly after they sign up. Any teams beyond the first 25 may be waitlisted before being added to the bracket. Any teams after the first 40 will be waitlisted for an additional group stage.

Teams & Players

  • A team has to consist of at least three players. There is no limit on the number of players that can be on a team for the Off-Season League play.
  • Team rosters for the Off-Season League Play are separate and only apply to the Off-Season.
  • Teams will designate a “captain” and (optionally) one or more “assistant captains.” Either the captain, an assistant captain, or an acting captain must be present for all RHL games, and they will be responsible for communication between teams and reporting match results.


  • All formal communication in between participants and RHL Commissioners and Officials must be in the English language.
  • Team captains and assistant captains are responsible for communication within their team, with other teams, and with the administration.
  • Captains may communicate on any platform of their choosing for the purposes of scheduling.
  • Communication between teams during a game should remain in-­game when possible.

Match Rules

  • Before the match, team captains will communicate to establish team colors, server locations, server name/password, and match length. If teams cannot agree on a match length, best of 3 will be the default.
  • Teams may come to any agreement about server hosting. Otherwise, the team receiving the challenge for a match picks the server region for the first game in the match. Then, the challenging team picks the server region for the second game, and so on, alternating server choice each game.
  • Only 3 players per team are allowed on the server at any time. Coaching while using a spectator slot is not allowed.

Server Settings

  • Snow Day mutators (ball type puck, ball bounciness low). NOTE: Options should be changed in the mutators sub­menu. Changing the “game type” on the server selection screen does not necessarily apply all of the Snow Day mutators.
  • Unless another map is agreed upon by both teams, the default Snow Day map (DFH Stadium Snowy) will be used.
  • 3v3
  • Server/password, no party servers.
  • Default for all other game settings.
  • Before joining a team at the start of a game, players must wait until everyone involved in the match has joined the server. The match must be reset if players join too early.

Re-games are allowed for the following reasons:

  • The game is hosted in the wrong server region or with the wrong settings.
  • A team has more than 3 players on the server at the same time during a game, for more than 10 seconds on the game clock.
  • A player joins a team in a game before all players have connected. Re-game must be requested before 30 seconds have passed on the game clock.
  • Server Reroll – A team may ask for a reroll once per match, before 30 seconds have passed on the game clock, and before the first goal. This is to mitigate server issues and/or unusual latency, the re-game is played in the same region.
  • Server crash ­- A game affected by a Steam or Psyonix server crash may be re-gamed. If a server crash occurs during overtime, the regame may be played as a first to 1 goal at the agreement of both teams.
  • Re-games are allowed for other reasons only at the agreement of both teams.
  • Re-games are to be played in their entirety, aside from the overtime regame rule.


  • End-game screenshots of the scoreboards for each match are required to be submitted via Challonge in zip file format. If more than 4 matches are played between the same 2 teams, then screenshots will be submitted via discord to RHL Officials for review, once space on Challonge has run out.
  • Each match, under Challonge’s reporting system, will be considered one “set”. The winning team with 1, and the losing team with 0. For matches played between teams that have already played together, add an additional set to the same match, scored again as 1 to 0. Don’t put the score of the match in this field!

Substitutions and Disconnects

  • Teams are allowed to substitute one member for another, between games of a match.
  • If a player disconnects, emergency substitutions are allowed, in lieu of that player reconnecting.
  • Players subbing in are not allowed to join the game prior to another teammate disconnecting.


  • By competing, participants agree without limitation to comply with the rules, regulations, official announcements, statements, and decisions made by the RHL Commissioners.
  • Every participant acknowledges the administration may modify the rules and regulations at any time without notice.
  • Every participant must be respectful toward all other participants including players, officials, and commissioners. Disrespectful behavior towards anyone will not be tolerated.
  • Every participant must always have the newest version of Steam and Rocket League installed.
  • Every team and participant has to try to win every game at every stage of the competition. Purposefully losing for any reason will not be tolerated.
  • Any use of rules intended to undermine the spirit of competition will not be tolerated.


  • If any game-breaking bugs occur, the game has to be quit and re­played. If a team doesn’t agree on the rematch, a video recording of the bug is strongly recommended. The Commissioners will then decide the outcome.
  • Abusing a bug is forbidden.
  • Pinching (pressing the puck between two surfaces to launch it) is not considered a bug.

Tools and Hacks

  • The use of any Rocket League tool aside from Steam, PSN, Rocket League, and Overwolf during a match is strictly forbidden, except for communication platforms such as discord.

Rule Violations and Punishments

  • Rule enforcement and punishment is at the discretion of RHL Commissioners. The possibilities for punishment include game forfeits, match forfeits, player suspension, player banning, and team banning.