RHL Officials

Mission Statement

The RHL Officials corps is dedicated to discord moderation and acting as a relay between players and the Commission. Officials must act responsibly as agents of The League.


Officials will act as a relay between players and the Commission. They’ll be charged with answering questions, pointing players in the right direction, moderating the discord, and acting as neutral league representatives as needed. They will sit in on tournaments when Commissioners cannot, and they will arbitrate disputes in the absence of a Commissioner.


Deep knowledge of the RHL rules and structures for the purpose of answering questions. A clean track record of friendliness, professionalism, and good sportsmanship.

Must be consistently active on discord. Must be willing to keep in contact with players and the commission regularly in carrying out duties. A loyalty to the league and its ideals of spirited competition is a huge must.


Officials shall have moderator rights on the discord. They will be allowed to use their abilities as needed to kick/move/mute/delete as necessary, with the caveat that these abilities be used with discretion.


Use authority to maintain the atmosphere of friendly rivalry and spirited competition. There’s a fine line between some good trash talk and a bad time for all involved. Know when to separate people who’re arguing.