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FireWall Wins RHL Season One, Season Two Registration is Now Open

Team FireWall successfully defeated NoCapes! in a match that featured NoCapes! triggering a bracket reset in the grand finals. Team WANG ended the season in third place.

To watch the grand finals in its entirety, check out the following videos:

Watch live video from RocketHockeyLeague on

RHL Season Two

With Season One in the books, it’s time to focus on Season Two. As the commissioners prepare to launch RHL Season Two, they have slightly revamped the RHL Official Rules to incorporate new changes.

Season Two will consist of both Single-Day Events and Competitive League Play. Single-Day events will be held periodically and are open to any team configuration.

To register your team for Season Two, please fill out and submit the registration form. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding Season Two, please ask them in the #Suggestions-and-questions channel under the RHL category on the RHL Discord server.

RHL Season 1 Finals Set for September 23rd

The RHL Season 1 finals will take place September 23rd at 2PM Eastern, 11AM Pacific, 8PM CEST. Team WANG, Firewall, and No Capes! will compete for their share of the $500 prize pool, title, and glory as RHL Season 1 Champions!

RHL Season 1 Finals
RHL Season 1 Finals

In addition to the finals, @godflow, @jinstream, and @themuffinman have been promoted to Commissioners of the NA region of the RHL. They will help maintain and shape the new direction of the upcoming RHL Season 2, and more upcoming SDC events! Current commissioners are happy with their efforts and very excited to finally have them on the admin team!

Ten Players Selected to Fill New Officials Role

The RHL commissioners have created a new role called Officials. Officials act as a relay between players and the Commission. They are charged with answering questions, pointing players in the right direction, moderating the Discord server, and acting as neutral league representatives as needed. Officials sit in on tournaments when commissioners cannot and they arbitrate disputes in the absence of a commissioner.

The RHL would like to congratulate the following eight players who have been chosen as officials.



@periodicgamer (Zytabyte)









If you experience issues on the RHL Discord server or have questions, please seek out one of the players named above.

Stage 5 Is Being Extended Again Until January 26th

Teams in Silver Qualifier Group C that have not completed your matches, please do so immediately. From Stage 4, two teams, @TeamWANG and @NoCapes! have advanced to the Playoffs, for finishing in the top 2 for the final Gold Group of Season 1. From Stage 5 so far, 4 of out of 6 remaining Playoff spots have been determined. @Atlas FireWall @Megatroid Skittles @Team ICE @Most Wanted

Thanks to all of the teams for participating. The next stage is the playoffs! Surveys will be going out to Captains of all teams that are potentially going to the Playoffs to determine the best time to hold them. Good luck and have fun!

Teams Highlighted in Orange Are in The Playoffs
Teams Highlighted in Orange Are in The Playoffs

Stage 5 Is Extended Until January 11, 2017

Stage five is being extended until January 11th, 2017 and Stage four has been resolved. All teams previously marked as TBA (To Be Announced) are now placed in brackets for Stage five.

From Stage 4, two teams, @WANG and @No Capes!, will advance straight to the Playoffs for finishing in the top 2 for the final Gold Group of Season 1. The Stage 5 Qualifier Groups have been updated with the rest of the teams from Stage 4, check it out here or check your team page.

Stage 5 Extension Brackets
Stage 5 Extension Brackets

Thanks to all of the teams for participating! The next stage is the playoffs! Team Captains, please check your email for invites to your Challonge group, and your team pages on the website for your group assignment. (If you did not receive an email please contact @dankeykyle via discord private message.)

Be sure to upload your screenshots and replays to Challonge! For Silver/Qualifier Groups in Stage 5, matches will be a Best of 5 (Bo5) games. The top 2 teams in each Qualifier Group will be advancing to the playoffs! In each Qualifier Group, the Home Team will be the first team listed for all odd-numbered matches (left column), and the Home Team will be the second team listed for all even-numbered matches (right column).

For RHL Season 1 Stage 5, the Bronze Group has become the Bronze Bonus Gauntlet! Each match is a best of 3 games. Teams will receive points for each game won in their matches. While it is not necessary to complete every match, teams completing more matches will have an advantage in possible points. The 1st place team from this group will receive a surprise prize. For the Bronze Groups, home team is the first team listed in each match. Good luck and have fun!