Single Day Events

All regular RHL League conduct rules apply to anyone wishing to participate. Those guidelines, and any of the rules set forth herein, are subject to change by RHL Commissioners and their designated representatives at any time.

This document outlines the format for Single-Day Events within the RHL.

*This should not be confused with the more informal, community-driven, Snow Day Community (SDC) events like Rigged, PUMBLE!, Fate Skate, etc., and any other impromptu or other events put forth by Snow Day Community members in association with the RHL.

Periodically, RHL Single-Day Events featuring a cash prize-pool will be broadcast on the RHL Twitch with full commentary and graphics, and will allow players immense fluidity and Entrant options, as any combination of players may enter in groups of 3-5.

Throughout this document, the term ENTRANT is used to identify groups of (3) three to (5) five players competing together. Commonly these “Entrants” may be more familiar as “Teams”. Given that what are frequently referred to as “Teams” will now have the option of multiple “Entrants” in the RHL Competitive League-Play format, the term “Team” has been avoided to reduce confusion.

You may play in the same Entrant combinations as League-Play, but are under no obligation to do so.

Players from different League-Play Entrants are welcome to compete as teammates in Single-Day, etc.

Players who aren’t playing in League-Play are free to participate as well.

As Season Two evolves, we will incorporate into the Single-Day Events for admin assistance, and continue to explore and incorporate other services as well.

While not tied to the RHL League-Play format, the Single-Day Events will refer to Season 2, Season 3, etc. in the same time frame for consistency.

RHL Competitive League Play will begin before the RHL Single-Day Events. Additional details and information about the Single-Day Events will be forthcoming.