RHL Season 5 League Play Is Nearly Complete

This weekend marks the last set of games for RHL Season 5 league play. The last place team in the Challengers Division will be excluded from the playoffs. Between all three divisions, there are two teams who remain undefeated, Vanilla Almond Milk in the Champions Division, and OWO What's This? in the Contenders division. The Challengers Division race is interesting as there is a slim possibility of a two or three way tie for first place. With A Pinch Of Salt's unfortunate withdrawal from competition Shadow Fox sits alone facing elimination, but a pair of wins and some help could see them through to the Playoffs after all.

Challengers Division

Rank Participant Played Remaining

Match W-L-T

1 Crossbar Stickers 9 1 7 - 2 - 0
2 Dumb Pucks 9 1 6 - 3 - 0
3 TOBO Hunks On Ice 8 2 5 - 3 - 0
4 Lethal 8 2 5 - 3 - 0
5 Shadow Fox 8 2 3 - 5 - 0
6 A Pinch Of Salt 10 0 0 - 10 - 0

If you're curious into how teams have performed on the ice so far this season, check out the image below which contains each team's average stats. These do not include the final games of the season.

Season 5 Average Team Stats
Season 5 Average Team Stats

Due to server disruptions during the weekend of Feb 1st, everything has been pushed back a week. The season five playoffs are now expected to begin on Saturday, February 29th at 2PM Eastern. Round two of the playoffs will be on Saturday, March 7th, while the Grand Finals takes place March 14-15th all beginning at 2PM Eastern. If you missed last week's action, you can watch the stream below. We also encourage you to check out RHL Rewind onYouTube. RHL Rewind provides all the information you need to keep up with what's happening on a weekly basis.

Watch RHL Season 5 Regular Season Week 4 from RocketHockeyLeague on www.twitch.tv

Be sure to tune into Rocket Hockey League on Twitch this Saturday at 2PM Eastern to watch teams in the Champions Division battle it out. Also, join us on Discord to receive the latest updates with the league.

RHL Season Four Championship Takes Place This Weekend

Beginning this Saturday at 2PM Eastern, teams will begin their battle through the bracket to earn the title of RHL Season 4 Champions. You can tune in and watch the stream live on Twitch.

Matches begin at 2PM this Saturday and are expected to end around 6:15 PM. Matches on Sunday begin at 2PM Eastern and are expected to end at 5PM Eastern unless there is a bracket reset.

Season 4 RHL Championship Bracket

Viewers can monitor the live bracket through Challonge and are encouraged to login and make your predictions.

RHL Season 2 Championship Broadcast Begins Sunday March 18th at 2PM EDT / 7PM CET

Season 2 of the RHL is nearing completion. The playoffs along with the championship match will begin broadcasting live on Sunday, March 18th at 2PM EDT / 7PM CET. Rounds 1 and 2 will be played before the broadcast begins. Teams participating in the playoffs should check-in on the RHL Discord no later than 12PM EDT.

RHL Season 2 Championship
RHL Season 2 Championship

vVv Gaming & Rocket Hockey League present: 3rd Hockey Captain’s Draft Community Game Night on Tuesday, March 7th!


Come join in on the 3rd vVv Gaming and Rocket Hockey League community event on Tuesday, March 7th, the Hockey Captain's Draft! 

This event will be a Captain’s Draft style, double elimination 3v3 Snow Day event. Grab your Captain Daddy hats, bundle up, and equip your Mountaineer wheels so we can all head to the hockey rink! This tournament will follow the same rules and regulations as the regular vVv Gaming CGN: Draft events do, except that the default map will be DFH Snowy or Utopia Coliseum Snowy instead of DFH Stadium.

When: 5PM EST / 2PM PST / 23:00 CET | Check-in starts at 4:30PM EST / 1:30PM PST / 22:30 CET and closes at 4:45PM EST / 1:45PM PST / 22:45 CET
Where: vVv Discord Server (https://discord.gg/p44AjNf) Discord Guide: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/discord
Format: 3v3 - Double Elimination Tournament. Best of three (Bo3) in the winner's bracket and best of one (Bo1) in the loser's bracket until the last two matches which return to best of three.

Server Settings:
- Snow Day mutators (ball type puck, ball bounciness low).
NOTE: Options must be also be changed in the mutators sub­menu!
- Map is DFH Stadium Snowy (Utopia Coliseum Snowy can also be used if both teams agree)
- Default for all other game settings

Registration: Visit http://vVv-Gaming.com/Rocket-League/Register on the day of the tournament to register.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CREATE AN ACCOUNT ON THE SMASH.GG WEBSITE, link here. IT WILL BE REQUIRED TO BE IN THE TOURNAMENT.

While signing up you will be able to volunteer to be a captain. If there are more volunteer captains than the total number of teams, the captains will be picked at random from the pool of volunteers. If there are not enough volunteer captains, then the remaining number of captains needed will be chosen at random from the remainder of players. Captains will take turns picking their teammates in a “snake-style” (A, B, C, C, B, A) draft until all teams have 3 players each. Participating with friends is encouraged, however, there is no guarantee that you will be on the same team. The captain’s name will be entered into the Challonge bracket and will be used to represent their team. Voice channels will be created for each of the teams on our Discord server.

The event will last around 3-4 hours.

If you have any questions, please come to the RHL discord: https://discord.gg/0oKFkmRqFee981oM

:snowflake: :ice_skate: See you on the ice! :ice_skate: :snowflake:

Ten Players Selected to Fill New Officials Role

The RHL commissioners have created a new role called Officials. Officials act as a relay between players and the Commission. They are charged with answering questions, pointing players in the right direction, moderating the Discord server, and acting as neutral league representatives as needed. Officials sit in on tournaments when commissioners cannot and they arbitrate disputes in the absence of a commissioner.

The RHL would like to congratulate the following eight players who have been chosen as officials.



@periodicgamer (Zytabyte)









If you experience issues on the RHL Discord server or have questions, please seek out one of the players named above.